5-8 Years Age



    (7+)PBS KIDS GO is a fantastically fun, educational site for kids with games and videos related to quality shows like Cyberchase, Arthur, and The Electric Company. Interactive games from shows like the Wild Kratts, which includes one game that teaches kids about good habitats. The Great Word Quest offers a wealth of word play. The Webonauts Internet Academy teaches kids how to behave safely and responsibly online in virtual worlds. This site is really a fun site…

  • starfall


    ( 5+) Aimed at children learning to read, STARFALL.COM has four main sections plus many special occasion areas featuring holidays and other themes. The “Get Ready to Read” section highlights the alphabet and letter sounds.

  • poptropica


    (7+) Ready for some island hopping? Then head on over to POPTROPICA. Players get an avatar and name, then board the Poptropica blimp for one of many islands, including Spy, Reality Television, Super Power, and Mythology Islands. Each island holds its own adventure; players climb etc. Poptropica also gets points for cleverness. Parents will appreciate the educational tidbits woven into the adventure.

  • cyberchase


    (8+) Elementary school math rarely gets presented online in the dynamic yet practical ways that it does here. Games like Cyberlympics and Eco-Haven Quest, will likely have them brainstorming solutions to real-life situations in the make-believe cyberworld without even realizing they’re in the midst of a math lesson.

  • PBS-Chuck-300x272

    PBS Chuck

    (6+) This site by PBS helps teach music, songwriting, and ear training for elementary school-age kids. Chuck and Ramona are likable characters who expertly talk kids through the instructions for games that include rather challenging music skills such as guessing instrument combinations; writing lyrics; and matching rhythms to ones played on pots and pans and other kitchen tools.PBS Kids provides this site, that kids will enjoy and parents can feel good about.

  • dora-explorer-girls-mainImage


    (7+) Dora the Explorer- there is a lot to love about the more mature Nickelodeon character. Here there is a lot to do and kids will find no shortage of stops to explore, like the beach, town square, and school. Kids can play with Dora and her friends here, solving mysteries, and chipping in for the community. Some of the Web features are “locked” and require an in-game purchase (with real money) for access. You don’t have to buy them to enjoy the game.

  • Melody-Street-Logo-300x286


    (5+) This is a perfect destination for young kids to learn about instruments and music. Kids will be enchanted by this magical musical world where animated instruments interact and teach simultaneously. Kids will enjoy the rhyming prose in the narrated storybook “The House on Melody Street,” and parents won’t mind letting their kids meander for a while on this marvelously musical street.